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Manual Water Pump With Carrying Handle
Manual Water Pump Model No: 510
Manual Water Pump Model No: 508
Water Dispenser
Hand Truck
Cup Dispenser
Bottle Handle

Barley water dispensers are produced under very strict quality controls in every phase of production. The parts we use in our dispensers are their highest classes which are produced by the worldwide known factories. We only use R134a Gas in our compressors which are not harmful for the Ozone layer and all the plastics are reusable.

In this Product, we use Samsung Compressor that is famous with it's quality over the world. In addition, this compressor makes cold with R134a gas that doesn't have any bad effect to the environment and ozone. This compressor system is repairable and provides standard degree of heating and cold. It is not affected from the environment conditions in heating and cold the water.

Water Cup
Our device has two water cups (3.2 liter for cold, 3 liter for hot water). These cups are produced from 316 quality stainless chrome steel that provides a healthy environment for the water and prevents smell, bad taste and oxidant.

Bottle Adapter
Barley Water Dispensers offer two types of adaptor for you:
1) Non-spill adaptor: With this adapter you can put the bottle on the machine without any splashing.
2) Sharp lid: With this adaptor you don't need any other part.

Taps are made of ABS plastics for durability and designed in a suitable shape.

Temperature Control Switches
At the back of the dispenser;
There are control switches to open and close hot and cold water.
Adjust switch; you can adjust the temperature of cold water.
Easily replaceable fuse.

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